SKL Making Season's Bright for La Mesa Chamber's Military Families

  • Stoney's Kids Legacy -- A Culture of Generosity! We fill the needs of East County kids when no one else can. We provide funding, support and opportunity for those kids who might not otherwise have all the opportunities afforded to them as their peers. Stoney's Kids Legacy helps kids enjoy the things that all kids should through the eyes and heart of our founder, Stoney Stone.

Stoney's Kids Legacy provides funding for opportunities to less fortunate kids throughout San Diego's East County. It's All About The Kids and their future.

our vision

A Culture of Generosity

'It's All About The Kids.'

For 26 years, Stoney's Kids (Legacy) has devoted its energy to passionately advocating and assisting the underprivileged and less fortunate kids of San Diego's East County.

Contribute to the future of these children in need through your generous donations. Every dollar helps allow these kids to have the same opportunities afforded them as their more fortunate peers. Every child deserves the chance.

"It's All About The Kids." -- Stoney Stone 

SKL Recognized By El Cajon REC Department with 'Golden Sneaker' Award

Stoney's Kids Legacy Support To Underprivileged Kids of San Diego's East County

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Wieghorst Museum

Stoney's Kids

SKL Awards Grant to

Wieghorst Museum

Above, center: Stoney's Kids Legacy (SKL) Chair Bonnie Stone is flanked by SKL Board members Chuck Hansen (left) and Eric Lund (right). 



Stoney's Kids Legacy (SKL), now in it's 26th year, is 'A Culture of Generosity' serving the underprivileged youth of East County. SKL is now accepting grant applications.

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